Voice Alerts are here

elkMonitor.com now has the ability to send alerts via phone when one of your monitors is failing or has recovered.


Setting up Voice alerts  takes only moments and requires only a couple of steps.


1. Create the Voice alert contact




2. Validate the Contact

Once you have created the contact you’ll need to validate it. This extra step helps to prevent unwanted spam calls and is required before we will send any alerts to the new voice contact.



Validating is easy,  just click on the link in the Contacts list and elkMonitor will take you to the validation page.




Click on the Place Call Now button and when we call your phone, enter the 5 digit code displayed on the page and your number will be validated and you’ll be returned to the contacts page.

Now elkMonitor will use the Contact to alert you about issues based on your settings.


Voice alerts cost 1 alert credit per call and are currently only available to US based numbers. You can configure your account to automatically purchase Alert Credits as needed or you can purchase credits manually from your Account settings Page.