Alerting's rich alerting engine allows you make sure critical notifications get sent to the appropriate personnel based on Day, Time and severity of the error condition.

In order to eliminate false alerts, the elkMonitor monitoring engine doubles checks all alerts to confirm the issue wasn't a transient error and if confirmed will alert your configured contacts.

Alert Types currently supports alerting via email at no cost and via SMS or Voice for a small charge. Notifications can also be sent directly to your Android or iOS devices via the service.

Escalation Based Alerts

When setting up your contacts you can configure how long an an error must occur before a notification is sent to specific contacts and how many notifications will be sent for a given failure. This allows you to configure initial alerts to be sent to first line support and then alerts to be sent to supervisory personnel if the failure continues after a certain amount of time ie after 30 minutes for instance.

Time Based Alerting

This allows you to configure which  contacts are to be notified based on the time of day or day of week. Using elkMonitor's notification setup you can configure contacts who will receive all alerts sent during working hours and others who will receive alerts during evening or weekend hours.