Android and iOS notifications are available from now has the ability to send notifications to your Android and iOS devices through the service. This allows you to get notifications sent directly to your phone or mobile device. The pushover app provides several priorities of notifications and high priority notifications can be setup to alert via sounds and vibrations regardless of your quiet hours settings allowing you to filter out lower priority issues but notify you in the event of emergencies regardless of the time.


Creating a Contact using Pushover

First you’ll need to download the Pushover app from either the Android Play or Apple App stores. The app is reasonably priced and is a one time purchase so there are no other fees once you have purchased the app. There are also no fees to send Pushover notifications from elkMonitor. You can also use the app to receive notifications from other services and applications as well as

Once you have downloaded the app you’ll need to signup for an account on the service. This can be done either on or from within the app itself. Signup is simple and requires only a username and password.

Once you have signed up you need the user key from the website which can be found on your account page:


Pushover Screen Cap


OK, now you have everything you need to setup a Pushover Contact in Login to your account, select the Contacts tab and click on the Add Contact link.

On the Add Contact page enter a name for your contact, select Pushover from the Type dropdown, then paste the user key you got from pushover into the User Key field (2), then select the priority of the alert (3).

The priority options are:

  • Normal priority notifications may trigger a sound, vibration and display an alert according to the  app’s settings on your phone.
  • High Priority notifications are high priority messages that will bypass a user’s quiet hours. These messages will always play a sound and vibrate (depending on a user’s settings) regardless of the delivery time.
  • Emergency notifications are similar to High Priority notifications but are repeated until the user acknowledges the notification. Currently each notification will will be repeated every minute for up to 5 minutes until it is acknowledged.


Pushover Alert Screen Cap


Once you’ve setup the Contact you can confirm it’s working OK by selecting Test from the Contact’s Actions menu on the display Contacts page.

As always if you have any questions please let us know via the Chat Now link on our website, via email at or by giving us a call at 866-ELK-FORK.