SSL Certificate Monitoring Added

We’ve added a new Monitor type to elkMonitor which allows you to make sure your SSL certificates are valid and to alert you when they are expiring.


Your SSL certificates are an integral part of your eCommerce site and having an expired certificate can not only be embarrassing but also drive away customers who are ready to purchase from your website. With elkMonitor  you can be sure you’ll be sure to be notified of the expiration of your certificate in time to prevent this from occurring.

Adding a check for your SSL Certificate is easy, just select the Add Monitor link from your console and select the SSLCERT monitor type and enter the domain name you want to monitor and the # of days you would like to be alerted prior to the expiration of the SLL Certificate. When the certificate will expire within the Days to Alert window you set then elkMonitor will start to alert your contacts giving you sufficient time to provision your new certificate.


Add SSL Certificate Monitor


The SSL monitor runs daily and costs only $3.95 a month. Learn More about SSL Monitoring at!