The service makes it easy for you to monitor your website and servers for reliability and performance. WIth no software to install, no long term contracts and backed by our professional support staff it's easy to get started and be assured that if something goes wrong you'll be the first to know.

Why use a Monitoring service ?

Today's websites can be very complex and rely on backend services to function properly, when your site or one of the services it relies on breaks it's critical you get notified promptly so it can be fixed before it impacts more customers.

With elkMonitor and our large monitoring network you can be sure your website and all its functions are functioning properly and providing the level of performance your customers expect. As soon as a failure occurs your configured contacts will be alerted via email or SMS with details about the failure.

Website Monitoring

elkMonitor provides 3 levels of website monitoring allowing you to choose the level of monitoring your site requires.

The Web Availability monitor provides basic checking on a single webpage for HTTP and simple content errors. 

The Web Performance monitor provides enhanced checking of a single page including downloading of all the referenced content on the page such as Javascript, images, CSS and more. This provides additional protection as well as providing insight into the page download time allowing you to assess your page's performance from a customer standpoint.

Our Transactional Web monitor provides a script based model for testing multiple step interactions on your website. This allows testing of complete processes such as ordering, logging into a site or searching.

Services Monitoring

elkMonitor can also monitor your IMAP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, DNS, NNTP services as well as using a PING monitor to check other servers/devices.

Why is external monitoring important?

External monitoring is critiical to make sure your site and services are available to your customers. Internal monitoring can't test the critical route to your server's from the client and also cant monitor the performance of your systems as seen by those clients. 

elkMonitor also eliminates the need to install and maintain any software on your internal network, service updates are rolled out without any intervention on your part.