elkMonitor's powerful reporting tools provide a variety of chart types to help you understand your site's performance. Using the Report tool you can easily select the range of time to chart, the chart type, which remote agents to include and more. All charts are dynamically built allowing for the utmost flexibility and eliminating the shortcomings of other service's canned charts. Drilldown support allows you to click thru data in progressively finer detail to better understand your site's performance and availability.

To see how easy it is to use our reporting tool login using our Test Drive account and explore the possibilities, or better yet signup for a free trial so you can understand your site's performance and availability.

Performance Reports

The Performance reports provide an overview and optionally a detailed view of the performance of each monitored service.

For web availability tests this will be the total time to download the page and for web performance test types will include the time to download the base page html as well as all the content required to render the page including CSS, Javascript files, images, etc.

Page Performance Detail

The page performance detail report provides a complete view of the download time of each component on a page including images, CSS, Javascript, etc. This provides a low level view of how your page is loading and how each element affects the total download time of your page. Using this report you can intelligently increase the performance of your page by moving content to Content Distribution Networks (CDN), minimizing the number of files referenced or changing static content to download from another domain increasing the ability of the browser to download multiple content at once.

Availability Reports

The Availability report provides the ability to view your site's availability over any time period and by selected remote test agents. Color Coded data points provide feedback about intervals that contained errors and a detailed listing of all tests that occurred during the selected interval shows the results of tests from all the selected test agents. Color coded data points indicate the periods in which error occurred allowing users to determine at a glance when errors occurred and where to drill down for more detailed information.

Emailed Summary Reports

The summary emails can be provided on a daily and/or weekly basis allowing you to keep touch with your site's performance and availability. Each summary provides performance data from each remote test agent and also information about any errors that occurred during the period.